We give people access to physical activity in their local open spaces

Our mission is to reduce the barriers that people face and to enable everyone to get moving

We give you free access to pop-up workouts run by our volunteer Move Champions. These sessions happen throughout the city and are a great way to meet other people in a fun, relaxed environment whilst learning how to exercise using what’s around you. You can also view the workouts online using our Move Map, where you can log the workouts you’ve completed.

As well as our free sessions, we also run pay-it-forward fitness sessions where you can walk, run or cycle to explore the city whilst completing mini workouts in different areas. Plus you’ll be giving someone else the opportunity who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Our Move Mates project sees volunteer walking buddies paired up with people who don’t have the confidence to get out of their own home. We give people the confidence and support they need to improve their physical health through walking whilst offering all the great mental health benefits of having some regular company too.

A message from our founder

I spent many years being inactive and overweight before discovering the joy of movement. I hated sports at school and found myself needing knee operations in my teenage years as a result of being too heavy.

Becoming active really changed my life, made me feel happier and brought me loads of fabulous new friends too. I want to bring that joy to everyone, to show people how simple it is to be healthier and how getting fitter doesn't have to cost money or be too arduous.

My vision is that everyone everywhere has the opportunity to see how to exercise in free their local open space; to see parents encouraging their children to be active whilst remembering they're never too old to play! I want us as a community to ensure the older population remain active and stay connected, reducing the risk of falls and preventing social isolation.

I started Move the Masses to do all of this; to inspire people to get moving, to educate everybody on how easy it is and to provide people with volunteering opportunities where you can be physically active too.

Nick Chair of Trustees

Receiving running shoes on his 30th birthday was the catalyst to Nick’s passion for exercise. Since then he has competed dozens of marathons, become a parkrun Run Director and a GoodGym Run Leader.

He loves combining running with volunteering. He knows exercise is key to a happy, healthy life and being a trustee of Move the Masses is a great way to pass this on.

John Trustee

John lost his motivation for sport and exercise after he retired. He became overweight, suffered back pains and was generally not in a good way. His family were worried, so in 2016 he took on a personal trainer. It transformed his life. He shed 15kg, is no longer dependent on prescription medicines, and feels fantastic.

His trainer was Egg. John is committed to Move the Masses quite simply because it worked for him. He knows first hand how easy it is to become a couch potato and he wants to ensure everyone has the opportunity not to.

Bec Trustee

At a young age Bec started walking the Lakeland fells and some 40 years later still finds hiking to be her favourite past time. In her 30s she found running. Exercise, Bec feels, simply makes you feel good.

Also a big fan of community, Bec combines her love of running with volunteering at GoodGym. Here she met Egg where they talked of creating a social business offering free exercise opportunities for the masses, regardless of ability, age or status. Move the Masses was born, and Bec naturally wanted to be a part of it.

Deborah Trustee

A keen cyclist, Deborah leads women’s bike rides and enjoy helping others to find a love of cycling. She loves to stay fit, but finds motivating herself to go to a gym hard, and working out in them boring. She is always looking to find others ways to be active which doesn’t really feel like exercise and where she is inspired by others.

Deborah wanted to be involved in Move the Masses because she knows from personal experience the difference exercising outside can make, not only on your physical, but also your mental wellbeing.