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Explore the hidden green spaces of Acomb on a fitness adventure

Explore the hidden green spaces of Acomb on a fitness adventure

The next peg-it session is just around the corner.

Meeting at Acomb Green at 6.30pm on Wednesday 26th June and led by our lunge-loving founder Egg, this brand new and extended session promises to introduce you to parts of Acomb you didn't even know existed, and to muscles in your body you haven't used for a while.

You'll explore Acomb on foot, completing workout challenges in different open spaces, running in between. There's hidden hills and secrets spots, shady paths and wide green spaces, a real fitness adventure.

The total minimum run distance for this session is around 5km, broken up into bite-size chunks. If you complete every challenge to absolute maximum capacity, you might actually run up to 8km.

The workouts will include a variety of exercises challenging your whole body. We use play equipment, trees, street furniture, whatever is already there, as our outdoor gym, doing different exercises in each space. It is a lot of fun!

The session is suitable for a range of abilities, but as a minimum you should be able to jog continuously for ten minutes.

This peg-it costs £6 and must be booked online. For every two spaces taken, a free space is made available to someone who might otherwise not be able to afford to pay to exercise. We use a pay-it-forward model for peg-it sessions to ensure our offers are available to all.

Our pop-up workout and walking buddy scheme are both free services.

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