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First match for new walking buddy scheme in York

First match for new walking buddy scheme in York

The day is here!

Today we are brimming with happiness as our first Move Mate takes to the street to accompany a person out of her home and for a little walk.

The lady would like to build up her confidence and just wants a small walk in her neighbourhood. Emily, our volunteer is more than happy to help, she said:

“I really want to help others get out and about, and feeling safe in their local area. I often see people struggling to get around in the street and I never know whether to lend a hand, so being a Move Mate really interests me, because you know that you are needed and its such a simple thing that can make a big difference.”

So far we have about a dozen people who have asked if someone could be their walking buddy.

As well as lacking in confidence, we have people who want help to go to the supermarket, a young person who is recovering from a long term illness and lacks self esteem and someone who used to walk regularly but no longer felt safe to do so on their own.

We have had lots of interest from people wanting to volunteer too. And have five more matches in the next week. One buddy said:

“I think it’s a great way to support people in the community who need it. Something relatively small can make a big difference to someone. I have previously done something very similar to Move Mates and it was such a rewarding activity and really enjoyed spending time with the person I was supporting just as much as he did.”

There is only one problem - our walking buddies are not always in the same location as our beneficiaries, so we definitely need more!

If you would like to help someone get out for walk once a month or so, please fill in our simple online form and we will get in touch