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Free sessions to start in Hull Road Park

Free sessions to start in Hull Road Park

We're excited to announce that we have our first Move Champion on board: Gav Sullivan!
Gav is a keen gym-goer and loves keeping fit, he can often be found playing football, running or cycling around York. It wasn't always like this for him though, two years ago he was four stone heavier and now he reckons that changing his lifestyle and becoming healthier has resulted him feeling happier, improving his self-esteem and giving him more confidence.
Gav heard about our pop-up sessions and attended several himself before deciding he wanted to become a Move Champion and bring the joy of movement to other people in his local community.

"Speaking from first hand experiences, I really understand the health benefits that exercise can bring. I have found that participating in exercise is fantastically rewarding and gives you the feel good factor! I can't wait to share that with others who come along to Move the Masses sessions."

Our sessions are designed by fitness professionals and led by keen volunteers who we train to deliver them in their own local area. Gav braved last week's snow to finish his training and is now ready to get the people of Tang Hall moving!

"I now realise that exercise can start at home in your garden or in any open space. I'm excited to welcome everyone along and motivate and encourage them to get active."

You can sign up for the first session on the 27th via the link on our website or on our Facebook page. The session is varied and there are sections to suit all abilities so it doesn't matter if you're taking your very first steps or are striving to achieve your own fitness goals.
We're looking for more Move Champions in various parts of the city, if you're interested in helping others to get moving, check out the info here.