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Intergenerational pop-up workout at Hull Road Park gets everyone moving

Intergenerational pop-up workout at Hull Road Park gets everyone moving

It's a special moment when you look around a park on a beautiful Spring day and you see a group of people, of all ages, smiling, having fun and working out together. Well that was the scene in Hull Road Park last week during the school half term break. A group, made up of children as young as six up to a gentleman in his late seventies, met together to do a Move the Masses pop-up workout.

Led by new Move Champion, Gavin, the group started off in a grassy area warming up with star jumps and stretches and then moved on to the play area using the play equipment and benches as their gym. They balanced on rocks, did sit ups on benches, squatted using the slides and balanced on logs.

There were different levels of workouts for different abilities and lots of interest from people passing by.

"What a great idea!" said one Grandmother walking her dog with her grand children, "It's a wonderful way to get moving with your family."

A Mum who joined in with her two kids said: "This is brilliant! I can get my steps in and my kids can have fun at the same time!"

The group ended the workout by jogging to a different side of the park and doing circuits up and down steps followed by tricep dips on the wall.

"That was a killer!" exclaimed one teenager, with a massive grin on her face.

There are a whole range of Move the Masses events happening all over York, with new ones being added all the time. Check them out here.

Rather work out on your own? Our Move Zones in Viking Road, Beckfield Lane and Beech Grove in Acomb and Kingsway North in Clifton have videos online showing you exactly what to do to make your own workouts there. Click on the Move Zone on our Move Map here.

If you are interested in volunteering as a Move Champion for Move the Masses, leading a group in your local park, apply here!