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It’s about total wellbeing, not just being fit…

It’s about total wellbeing, not just being fit…

Move the Masses Trustee, Bec, went out for a run this morning and wanted to share how she felt about it...

I went for a run this morning and a local dog walker I have known for years shouted to me “Trying to lose a few pounds, are you?”

“No,” I shouted back, “just making sure I stay happy.”

But it really got me thinking.

Do people still believe those who run, move or do any form of exercise do it in order to lose weight?

When I go for a run, when I feel the wind in my hair, when I see a kingfisher bobbing into a beck, blankets of pink blossom all around and lots of other people running or walking the dog that I say 'hello' to, I feel good.

For me, exercise makes me happy. It is as much for my mental wellbeing as my wanting to be strong and in good physical shape.

And that is what Move the Masses is all about.

At our free pop-up workouts, throughout the city, people come and feel good.

They get out in the fresh air, start moving their body, start feeling stronger and more confident, and ultimately go away with a spring in their step.

They have had a chat, as well as work out, they have been sociable and they feel happy. And we do too.

The people our Move Mates help, taking them out for a walk, feel the same. It is not just a walk they get from having a walking buddy; they gain confidence and self esteem, they get some good company, a nice chat and they start getting stronger and more able.

For us Move the Masses is all about total wellbeing for all, with no barriers. It is not just about getting fit.

We have a whole range of events happening throughout York on a regular basis, check out our events page for something near you.

We also have videos of workouts you can do in your local space. So if you want to head down yourself, check out what to do by clicking directly our move map, then log your workout and see which one to do next.

There are workouts for all abilities. Why not do the easy one first and work up to the advanced? And take a friend with you?

Fancy being a walking buddy for some in your local neighbourhood? Register your interest right here.

(Photo: Emily feeling good at a Move the Masses peg-it session)