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It's not just older people that need a walking buddy

It's not just older people that need a walking buddy

Many of the lovely people we walk with as part of our Move Mate scheme are older people who don’t have the confidence to get out of their own home. They are actually able to walk, but the fear of falling, and lack of belief in their own ability, prevents them.

But some of our beneficiaries are younger people. There are all sorts of reasons why someone would need a walking buddy.

Rachel, one of our Move Mates has been walking with J for the last month.

J is in her fifties and is very mobile. But J has chronic fatigue and therefore making herself go out for a walk, especially when she feels shattered, is quite challenging. Having the impetus to go, and then actually getting out of the door can be tough, as well as not knowing if she will have the energy for it.

But J knows that walking is good for her. She has felt low at times about her illness and making ends meet whilst being unable to work. She knows that going for her walk is good for her physical wellbeing, but she also knows that going for a walk improves her mood and her happiness.

Both Rachel and J live in Fishergate and walk down to Walmgate Stray, Low Moor Allotments or York Cemetery together. All three places are lovely green spaces where you feel in amongst nature just a 5 minute walk from where J lives

J is a self referral. It was interesting to hear how she heard about Move the Masses.

“I go to Planet Food at Southlands Church every Thursday for their lovely pay-as-you-feel cafe and found a Healthwatch magazine. In it I read about the British Red Cross and contacted them to help me out some time. I told them I would like to get fitter and go for a walk more regularly and they recommended the Move Mate scheme.”

J has not looked back, she really looks forward to her weekly walks. There is lots of chatter as well as walking and both her and Rachel come back feeling better for it.

If you would like to walk with someone in your local neighbourhood, fill in this simple form.

After your first walk together arranged by Move the Masses, you then have the choice of when to schedule your next meet up, so that the time and date fits around your life. It’s all very flexible.