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Move the Masses hits the big time with the BBC!

Move the Masses hits the big time with the BBC!

It is always a thrill to get media coverage, in any form. At Move the Masses we want to spread the word about what we do because we want to enable as many people as possible feel the benefits of walking and exercise to their total wellbeing, and to experience the pleasure of movement and getting out in the fresh air.

So we were delighted to be approached by BBC Look North recently who were interested in telling their viewers about our free pop-up workouts aimed at people of all ages and abilities, and our free walking buddy scheme enabling people who lack the confidence to get out for a walk to do so with a friendly volunteer.

Why not take a look at the piece yourself?

The filming was a lot of fun and the coverage certainly got the word out. We were also thrilled when Age UK picked up on our walking buddy scheme and shared it with their thousands of followers.

Since it went out, our enquiries to volunteer with us has shot up... but so has the number of people seeking out a walking buddy, so we still need more of you. Do you have 30 minutes a week to spare to walk with a local neighbour? If you would like to be like Emily and enhance someone's life, and feel good yourself, too, fill in this simple online form.

Perhaps you are more interested in doing a pop-up workout with a little help in your local park? Check out all our events online. We are sure to be doing a workout near you in the next few weeks!