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My first peg-it session; seeing parts of York I had never seen before

My first peg-it session; seeing parts of York I had never seen before

Keen runner, Nicola Clements, came to the very first Move the Masses peg-it session last week. She wrote us a guest blog on how she found it.

I had heard of Move The Masses through social media and was keen to try out their wares, but hadn't yet managed to make it along to any of their pop-up sessions. When I read about their planned peg-it session I was very interested as I'm a keen runner, and the location of Kingsway North was convenient for me to get to.

I signed up along with my neighbour and running buddy, Pip, who hadn't heard of MTM before. We were both happy to pay a fiver for an hour's outdoor workout and our two combined tickets meant that access to this or another session would be made available to a person in need, thanks to the 'pay it forward' principle. Move the Masses have contacts throughout the city who can refer in people who would benefit from a free space.

Pip and I arrived on our bikes a couple of minutes late, so we missed the initial briefing and got stuck straight into some of leader Egg's famous lunges and a bit of sprinting. After this we headed out on an approximately 1 mile run to a park, where Egg had prepared lots of different physical tasks for us to complete using the available equipment, including bollards, a bike rack and the play equipment.

There were a few youths hanging around the park who expressed an interest in what we were doing and a couple of them even joined in for a short time. I love that Move The Masses can help raise the visibility of group exercise in this way.

We then got back on the tarmac and ran to a different park -I had lost my already very fragile bearings by this point and saw parts of York I'd never been to before. When we arrived we did more exercises for legs, bums, core and upper body, There was some very mobile play equipment here and much laughter was heard as people attempted the spinning log equipment.

Finally we headed back to the start area for some plyometric (that's leaping and bounding, as Egg explained) exercises.

Overall it felt like a great workout. It wasn't horrifically difficult, as I'd feared it might be, but was pleasantly challenging. I ached the next day, which is always a good sign I think. The running itself was around 3km, or 2 miles in total, with exercise breaks in between running segments, so it would be easily accessible for anyone who could do most of a couch to 5K programme. The pace is kept steady for people who might worry they won't be fast enough.

I loved the session and will definitely be going back to the next Kingsway North evening.