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Radio York gets moving

Radio York gets moving

BBC Radio York's Cara Thorpe joined today's pop-up workout in Clifton to find out what Move the Masses was all about. She virtually skipped down Kingsway North and got stuck in straight away. Egg, the Move Champion put her through her paces from the word go.

The idea of every Move the Masses workout is to use the street furniture and layout of any open space and create exercises that work with that. A bench becomes a perfect place to do a press up on. The seat the right height for a tricep press. A rock in the distance become a marker for a jog and some crazy paving is the perfect place to hop around on avoiding the cracks!

Cara laughed her way through the warm up and exercises claiming Christmas and an early start, watching the red moon in Nidderdale, was slowing her up.

She loved the concept of free exercise on people's doorsteps without the need for fancy clothing, or any fitness experience. Throughout the session interested locals had a chat and a mini workout themselves and started to smiling. Not only are these workouts good for you physically, but they also are good for you mentally, you start to feel good!

Our pop-ups are open to anyone, but we particularly accommodate older or less able people hoping to support them on a journey towards their own wellbeing and preventing loneliness and social isolation.

Cara loved her time with Move the Masses and we loved our time with her! Come back soon Cara!
Have a listen to Cara on Jonathan Cowap's BBC Radio York breakfast show here. It is around the 2 hour 47 minute mark!